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I have seen a lot of books that cover the various historical and cultural aspects of the US Army stationing in Germany after WWII in a regional perspective - this is one of the better ones. by Marco Butzkus The author has taken a different approach in documenting the history of the US military presence in the port city of Bremerhaven in northern Germany.

The long and very close relationship between the German and American population (1945 - 1993) of Bremerhaven and surrounding areas is told through sixteen stories.

We wore fatigues, cast off tanker stuff - and mainly the plain garrison uniforms of infantrymen. As time went by this kind of broke up into each vehicle going its own route over its own choice of roads... ) papers from the Burgomeisters in all the little dorfs and villages throughout the Enclave - each day - and they were to say on them "Alles ist in Ordnung" (All is in Order) - or if they were having trouble with displaced persons ("DP's") or renegade military people or whatever - we had to look into it and raid their barns and houses, etc. Eventually, we were all assigned to a bastard Infantry Regiment (no Division) - and I seem to recall this was the 29th Infantry Regiment (the histories here seem to emphasize the 29th Infantry Division here as the main occupying force in the Enclave - but strangely I do not remember any 29th Division guys or outfits around at all....???? We were just a detached bunch of sort of "orphans" who were stationed alone up at Bremerhaven in an old Flak and Gunnery School - but I cannot remember the (German) name now: it was right on the canals...

I was assigned as gunner in an M-8 and rode there for the better part of the year. The 29th Infantry Regiment lapel "pins" were large gaudy sort of "crests" - that from a distance the device on them looked kind of like a plate with a knife and spoon on each side...

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they were just lying all over in the woods there where the Germans had run away and left them and no one even knew what they were!

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