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Western Medical Definition In our brain there’s a pacemaker like mechanism which regulates the daily routine of sleeping and waking called the biological clock or internal clock.

For Time Cues, a person reads a clock to follow work and transportation schedules, and obey social demands to remain alert for certain tasks and events, and with this, there’s continual pressure to stay on schedule thus help the circadian clock adhere to a twenty-four hour schedule.

According to sleep scientists, Deep sleep seems to be a time for ones body to renew and repair itself, because during deep sleep stage, less blood flow is directed toward the brain, which cools the brain measurably as well as at the beginning of this stage the pituitary gland releases a pulse of growth hormone that stimulates tissue growth and muscle repair.

Dreaming sleep stage: Scientists don’t really know if dreams have deep meaning, but just as a deep sleep stage restores our body, dreaming sleep stage restores our mind in part by clearing out the irrelevant information.

Homeostasis influences many of the body functions, and sleep is one of them.

It influences the timing of sleep in two different aspects.

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General signs are, the breathing becomes slower, and more regular, the blood pressure and pulse drop to about 20 to 30% below ones waking rates, the brain becomes less responsive to external stimuli, making it difficult to awaken.For melatonin[7], cells in the when absence of light, melatonin levels begin climbing in the late evening and ebb after dawn.The melatonin production can be suppressed even in the middle of the night by exposure to light.Three to five times a night, or about every ninety minutes, a sleeper enters REM sleep, and the REM duration progressively increases over the duration of the night, and generally the final period of REM may last about thirty minutes.All in all the REM sleep make up about 25 percent of total sleep in young adults, and if someone was deprived of REM sleep, the person enters the REM sleep earlier and spends a higher proportion of sleep time in it, and that phenomenon is called REM rebound. : Our body has a built-in tendency to maintain internal equilibrium by adjusting our physiological process, and one of the critical concepts known is Homeostasis.

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