Role playing dating games app

Pick your class, create your character and get to exploring a dangerous world filled with quests.Free version only allows you to play up to level 10 experience.Parallel Kingdom - Using either GPS or Wi-Fi Locate, Parallel Kingdom overlays a virtual map on top of a real world map, so as you move through the real world you'll also be exploring the virtual one.As with any other RPG game like this, you'll collect treasures, upgrade your items, chat with other players and more. Perilar Lite - A turn-based RPG in the old school computer style.Agency Wars Lite - Play the role of a secret agent for agencies such as the CIA, KGB or MI6, taking on dangerous missions around the globe with up to five other players. - The Assassination Game updated for the 21st century.

Free Phat Lewt - Free Phat Lewt is your classic dungeon exploration style RPG where you must make your way through the levels, killing everything you come across to gain more and more experience, increasing the attributes of your character.(Yes, this is a parody of how easy some people think games have become).i Empire Lite - A MMORPG for i Phones and i Pod Touch users.The VOID: Lite - Become a space pirate and start battling for control of the galaxy.As you fight your way through you can gain new weapons, ships and equipment.

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