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The matter is that this film was joint Soviet-Italian production and the most part of money for its setting was brought by the Italian producer.

Quite probably, that under the contract, negative materials were sent to them.

Let though and partially, but that fact, that for a short interval of time many authors of cinema again started to use 70mm format at shootings, in such films as "The New World", "The Prestige", "Sunshine", "The International", "The Dark Knight", "The Tree of Life", "Inception", "Shutter Island", "The Young Black Stallion", "Transformers-2".

It speaks that the format of 70mm can again return in complete volume.

As I already explained in a pervious mail, "in 70mm presentation" was only ever advertised as the large format.

If the poster in the cinema, or in the film's credits, ever said anything, it was only mentioned like wide-frame film, which meant it was presented in 70mm.

I consider, that shooting on 70mm a negative and demonstration of such films at cinemas in 70mm it some kind of HI-END in the world cinematograph.

As far as we know, movie camera Mitchell for shooting 70-millimetric film was used only once on French film "Play Time". For example, such films as Skorbnoye beschuvstviye \Mournful Unconcern (1987) Zemlya Sannikova \The Sannikov Land (1973) Ekipazh \Air Crew (1980) Cherez Gobi i Khingan \Through Gobi and Khingan (1981) Duma o Kovpake/Poem of Kovpak (1973-76) Lyubov zemnaya (1974) Vkus khalvy/Taste of halvah (1975) Moy laskovyy i nezhnyy zver/The Shooting Party (1978) Krasnye kolokola/Red Bells (1982) and some other films.The matter is that officially it is considered, that shootings on system super 35 for the first time have been tested by the American film studios somewhere in 1982. For the first time such system of shootings has appeared in the Soviet cinema in 1974 and has been developed by state film-photo institute NIKFI (by the way, the same institute has developed also system Stereo 70 for shootings 3D-stereokino on a negative of 70 mm).The system super 35 in the Soviet cinema was called as UFF (Universal Format of Frame), and in 1982 already American studios have thought up for it the commercial name super 35 .Unfortunately, I have not the information, what from these films were shot on 70mm negative, and what are blow-up in 70mm.Such information may be received only in the main film-storehouse of Russia - Gosfilmofond.

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