Lister cs engine dating website

the heat off the cooling tank is being put to use as well. If you have interests in efficient off grid power production, you may have heard of the old Lister design.

It's a heavy double flywheel stationary engine built from the ground up to be maintained and even rebuilt in place.

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You can email me and ask to be put on a waiting list without cost, I will email all when they arrive and fill the list 'top down".These slow-rotating workhorse machines are good for nearly 100% duty cycle if properly maintained.(A 100% duty cycle means running 24/7, with no down time due to heat and lubrication needs).From 1930 to 1987 the Lister company made diesel motors for pumps, generators, and general-purpose use, using mostly the same design of big, slow-speed, heavy flywheels and simple, easily-repaired parts. Today there are many Indian and Chinese companies that produce Lister copies (aka: “Listeroids”) for export.These are fairly faithful to the original design — with varying quality.

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