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I groan inwardly, and grab my neon green umbrella and my chunky black "skater" shoes. I look next to me, and see the guy who ran into me. The eleventh day, Drama asks me on a date, and I immediately say yes. One night he calls and tells me that Rob is dragging him on a camping trip, and he probably won't get any cell phone signal. I find that without Drama's calls before bed, I can't sleep. The noise of the city streams in through my closed window, making it even harder to try to sleep. " I wrap my arms around his waist and breathe in his musky scent. "Let's get out of here and go to lunch." He takes my hand in his, and starts to head for the exit. I look up at him, eyes slightly wide, and he blushes lightly and stutters. He brushes the hair out of my face, and I lay my head on his chest. Drama's certainly no singer, but to me, it's the most beautiful sound in the world. You'll love it here."As I gave up into his gorgeous brown eyes, I feel home. I know that whatever happens now, I'll have Drama by my side.

I can't skate; I just have them because they're comfortable. ** He's sitting on the ground and leaning to one side, rubbing his butt. The next night, Rob mysteriously, and conveniently, disappears in time for Drama and I to go out to dinner. I hug my knees to my chest as a tear rebels and slips down my cheek. "I'm only here for a few nights, but I want to spend every second with you."Later that night, Drama and I step into my apartment with his luggage. Just before I fall fully asleep, I can hear Drama stop singing. I love you, Chris Pfaff, and I can't stand being across the country from you. But before the moment can become any more fluffy and cute, Rob comes up and throws an arm around each of us.

I can hear the sadness in his voice as he tells me, "I'm so sorry, babe. I know that I can make him proud just by being able to turn, but I really want to at least be mediocre. I had this sent over night, so it would get to you faster.

But the weather's horrible and my flight got cancelled. Even with something as simple as skateboarding, I know it would make Drama happy. At the Fantasy Factory, it's all about making fantasies a reality.

Grumbling slightly, I grab my Starbucks nametag and my work apron. **I press my luck with a last glance in the mirror to check my hair. My hair is frizzy, untamable due to the Chicago rain. By the ninth day, Rob suspiciously gives us more time alone, and I notice Drama blushing the slightest bit every now and again. "He kisses my forehead, making my cheeks flush lightly. I promise."Two days later, I see Drama and Rob off at the airport. Dropping his tone, he says softly, "He really cares about you. If we have to, we could set you up with a job in LA."I smile brightly. He leans down to whisper in my ear, "We'll make this work. Drama, though across the country, makes an effort to call every other night. Blushing brightly, I tell him we'll have to share, since the couch is too small for him to stretch out on. He pulls a square, black box out of his pocket, and opens it up. "He slips the ring on my finger, and he pulls me to him.

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I close my eyes, and imagine myself in Drama's arms. It is over three years that this rapper couple began dating and dating and they have never gone through any breakup rumors yet. Thus, we came to know that this young adults couple started their romantic love affair in 2014.For last three years, Chanel and Liam are giving their fans relationship goals with their PDA and vacation photos. Their relationship is so inspirable that everyone wants their relationship like these two lovebirds.Groaning, I flip on the TV, knowing that I'm in for another sleepless night. True, it's only one more week, but I know I won't sleep well until he arrives.~x~x~x~x~~x~x~x~x~I've been dating Drama for a little over a year, and we've kept up our long-distance relationship. It's getting harder for me, though not because of any trust issues or feeling anything less for him. I call my boss to set up the fact that I'm leaving, and I begin packing. Rob gently pushes me through a back door, and I gape at the inside of the Factory. Following his gesture, I see Drama sitting in a small office. ** I sigh, and accept a fact I've been trying to avoid. Lately, I've only been sleeping a few times a week, and not well. I figure that we'd be able to come back for the majority of my belongings. Thanks so much…This means a lot to me."In the car, we make our way to what Rob tells me is the Fantasy Factory, so I can meet everyone and surprise Drama.

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