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Entrevaux is a fabulous sight: a medieval village guarding a narrow pass, a draw-bridge entrance high across a fast river, and walled walkway zig-zaging up through 20 fortified doorways to a 17th century citadel dominating the village and the surrounding valleys.This is popular tourist site, only 60 km from Nice.It's labeled a pizzaria, but doesn't serve pizzas mid-day.

The walk up the walled and cobblestoned walkway is about 20 minutes, even with the occassional stop for photos (and to catch your breath).You can also hike out towards the southwest and join the GR4 hiking trail going down towards Castellane.This trail gets up to about 1500 m altitude about 10 km from Entrevaux.The village streets are dark and narrow between the high buildings, maintaining the medieval feeling you get from crossing the bridge and entering the fortified area through the gateway.The Gothic Notre-Dame-de-l'Assomption church is quite grand, dating from 15th and 17th centuries, with a large, oranate facade.

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