Consolidating business

For many business owners during the crisis, simply obtaining capital for their businesses was a challenge, let alone obtaining true bank-rate financing.

With a decrease in the availability of bank loans, many small business owners resorted to taking out loans from high-risk online lenders that offer easy availability to fast cash, but with very high interest and factor rates, along with a number of fees.

This stronger relationship doesn’t just improve the subjective experience; it also foster greater collaboration and commitment to the larger project.

From a business standpoint a stronger relationship is more likely to result in the company working harder and going the extra mile to retain business and earn future contracts.

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They will understand the equipment and materials that will be necessary and can easily communicate with others within the company to ensure that their plans can be well-executed.The project as a whole will benefit from the depth of knowledge and range of both engineering and construction experience that the company has.Having the same company perform engineering and construction tasks also allows for an overall cost savings in many cases.Often companies will also charge less for their services as part of a larger engineering and construction package than they would for comparable separate services.Having the same company performing both engineering and construction also creates time savings.

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