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Archaeology is today a highly disciplined practice all over the world.

The Hyderabad Museum was subsequently renamed, as the State Museum under the Department of Archaeology &Museums.

The Sculpture Garden Gallery displays 93 sculptures and architectural items dating from Satavahana (2nd century B.

C.) to the Post Vijayanagara period (17th century A. In the Garden, two four pillar mandapas belonging to Kakatiya and Vijayanagara times, a number of Veergals (Hero Stones), Panchaloha, Iron Cannons and a Wooden Chariot shifted from Jetprole village have been displayed.

The excavated items were placed in a museum built on the ancient site in the 1920s by Mir Osman Ali Khan, VII Nizam.

The Museum was formally inaugurated in the year 1931.

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